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#663 B&O
0-6-0 Dock Sider Engine
Built From An AF #21158
In 2014

Starting Price: $85.00
  Current Offer: $145.99
        LBR SRP: $295.00
We are now offering our clients this #663 engine badged for the "BALTIMORE & OHIO " rail road. 
     This engine HAS been heavily modified from an AF #21158 engine to include the following most sought after additions.

     The engine has: 
1. LBR Paint & Decals
2. LBR LED Head Light.
4. LBR White Insulators (white walls)
5. LBR Aluminum Rims
6. LBR Red & Green LED marker lights
7. DALLEE Reversing Unit
8. LBR LED Directional Back Up Light
9. OPERATING Front & Rear Knuckle Couplers

10. NO RAIL WIPERS. This engine gets it's electrical power from the front and rear drive wheels (WWEC-S)*.

  This unit is is a TRUE ONE OF A KIND. 
          "Don't Let This One Slip Away".

This Item 2 day Time Limit 
Offer Starts
1:00 PM (EST). 08-30-2014
11:45 AM (EST) 09-01-2014
Number Of "S" Gaugers That Have Viewed This Item


Number Of Offers: 6

4-6-0 Engine & Tender
Built From 2 AF #21088's
In 2014

Mary in Pennsylvania

Winning Bid:  $275.00 USD
Bid Withdrawn 07-25-2014

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* AWC        (All Wheel Electrical Contact), Modified AF Truck
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* VWC           (Variable Wheel Electrical Contact), Modified AF Truck - Diesel Engines Only
* OAFNP    (Original AF Truck), AF Non Power Truck
* OAFPT    (Original AF Truck), AF Power Truck
*  WWEC-S(steamer) or WWEC-D(diesel)    Drive wheel electrical contact 
You can buy this beautiful NEW truck here at this site. Simply go to the FICUS PRODUCTS page.