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Item AF #290
NOW #736 SP
Engine & Semi-Vandy Tender
Produced 1949
Up Graded 2014

Starting Price: $125.00
  Current Offer: $275.00
        LBR SRP: $425.00
We now offer this VERY HEAVELY MODIFIED American Flyer #290 (Now #736 SOUTHERN PACIFIC) 4-6-4 engine & tender
     This engine has LBR LED Green marker lights, LBR  LED headlight, S-n-S LARGE can motor, LBR traction rims (both front & rear drivers), LBR heavy weight (1.5 oz.) milled steel pilot truck, LBR black wheel insulators, LBR four wheel heavy weight trailing truck, LBR milled aluminum cab extender, Original AF smoke and chuff unit.
     The SEMI-VANDERBILT tender has a DALLEE #518 electronic reversing unit, LBR LED red marker lights, LBR LED directional top mounted reverse light, LBR paint & decals, LBR milled steel chassis, LBR water tank section, AF six wheel trucks, Operating knuckle coupler, LBR six pin electrical harness.
     This unit comes with a 1oz. sample of our "SMOKE CLOUD" smoke fluid and a pipette to fill the smoke unit with.
     This unit weighs in at 3 lb. 7 oz. 
This Item 2 day Time Limit 
Offer Starts
11:45 PM (EST). 04-25-2014
11:45 AM (EST) 04-27-2014
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WINNER OF Item AF #290
NOW #736 SP
Engine & Semi-Vandy Tender
Produced 1949
Up Graded 2014

Warren in Idaho

Winning Bid:  $275.00 USD

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